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Angela Bell – President

Angela BellAngela Bell, President of FTI Belman, has more than 10 years of experience managing telecom projects and employees and serving as Director of Operations for Field Telecomms Inc. As President, she is responsible for managing crews and scheduling. Bell is well-known with customers and has a strong working relationship with the key players in the telecom industry.

Bell is a Dallas native who grew up traveling the country with her father, who was a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. She lived in several states, attended different schools across the nation and was exposed to many diverse perspectives, which she believes has helped her in establishing a successful corporate business without the typical corporate, red-tape, micromanaging ambiance.

Bell initially came to Field Telecomm. Inc. in 2005 as a temporary employee to help with bookkeeping and administrative work. Working directly under the wings of the original company patriarch, John Christie, Bell quickly learned the ropes and became a valued full-time employee, eventually being promoted to Project Manager and then later to Operations Manager before moving into her role as President after the company buyout in 2015.

2512 Summit Ave, Suite 303
Plano,TX 75074


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