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Ingrid Landman- Chief Financial Officer

Ingrid Landman is an experienced Human Resources professional and Office Manager. She became Chief Financial Officer for FTI Belman in 2015. As CFO, Ingrid now oversees the company financials and is responsible for financial planning and record-keeping, in addition to managing human resources.

Maintaining HR protocol and exploring opportunities to increase the depth of the company’s resources within the telecom market guides her principles and are her key focus.

Originally from South Africa, Landman moved to North Texas in the ‘90s and spent several years working directly for construction contractors, helping them run their small businesses by performing administrative responsibilities and assisting with managing staff. She also spent six years in a more corporate environment, working as a Business Manager for a custom cabinetry firm and supervising the staff and subcontractors.

Landman first came to Field Telecomms Inc. in 2009 to assist with finance and administrative work during a period when the company’s founder, John Christie, moved into semi-retirement. Before long, Landman mastered the ability to manage HR, Finance and Admin to effectively become Christie’s PA while he transitioned into retirement. After the company buyout, Landman sought to preserve the foundation and legacy that Field Telecomms Inc. had established, while exploring opportunities to expand the breadth of the company’s success and stability within the telecom market.

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