FTI Belman is a national leader in the provision, management and implementation of network deployment services for the telecommunications industry. We also offer solutions for nationwide operators, vendors and Tier 1 enterprises. Our Company strives to remain current with the latest platforms and technology. We offer turnkey project management for telecom networks, which includes all stages of planning, design and implementation. FTI Belman operates from a facility in the heart of North Texas’ Telecom Corridor in Plano.

FTI Belman’s greatest asset is our employees. Our Company provides a stable and friendly environment for our staff and offers competitive benefits. Our success is due to the quality of our personnel and we remain committed to continued training, education and the advancement of all our employees. Because we have a less formal structure, FTI Belman operates within a “family” paradigm which encourages the sharing of information and ideas. We are flexible, fast-reacting and focused on every aspect of any global project.

Our main goal is to bring a value-added approach with a strong focus on strengthening our customers’ position within the industry. FTI Belman is strongly committed to customer service. Our ability to proactively plan and quickly resolve the issues our customers face is what defines us as a national leader in the telecom industry.

Here are a few facts about us:

  • Locally owned and operated in Texas, since 1982.
  • Focus on teamwork through diverse employees with specialized skills, experience, and knowledge in various telecom areas.
  • A boutique telecom infrastructure company with highly experienced and loyal technical teams, sometimes providing unconventional project management.
  • FTI Belman is a national leader in the provision, management, and implementation of telecommunications network deployment services and solutions for pan-regional operators, vendors, and major enterprises.
  • We will provide the Engineering requirements, install everything, and commission the hardware on the backbone structure.
  • Have extensive power experience and capability.
  • Have ongoing demand from leading telecommunication industry companies.
  • Not bound by corporate structure which slows reaction to new projects or the response to problems encountered before or during a project, FTI Belman is flexible, fast reacting, lean and focused on every aspect of the global project.
  • Abreast of latest trends, platforms and technology, and offer full turnkey project management for telecom networks, including all stages of planning, infrastructure and implementation.

Building The Future Together

FTI Belman constantly pursues like-minded affiliates to explore new opportunities in technology. We strive to enrich our established market share by meeting and exceeding expectations and expanding our service offerings.

The business model forecasts expansion in project management, consultant services, and in our design/build department and CAD offerings to secure our foothold in the market space.

FTI Belman looks to further develop our AC Electrical services to meet the evolving requirements of new Central Office power distribution paradigms. In addition, our future focus is highlighted with exciting new ventures into the Data Center prospects and upcoming DC Power equipment supplier role.

At FTI Belman our mission is to be an integral, quality partner to businesses throughout the Telecom industry always striving for excellence in people, service and associates.

In a highly regulated industry, FTI Belman specializes in offering nimble, customized solutions which have enabled us to cultivate valued and lasting professional associations.

We are your telecom service partner. . .

Flexibility. Technology. Ingenuity.

Angela Bell


Angela Bell has more than 10 years of experience managing telecom projects and employees and serving as Director of Operations for Field Telecomms Inc. She is responsible for managing crews and scheduling, is well-known by customers and she has a strong working relationship with the key players in the telecom industry.

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Jose Cantabrana

Chief Operations Officer

Jose Cantabrana is a field engineer with expertise in CDMA / TDMA / GSM / DMS-100-250-500 / Optical and Process engineering. As COO, he manages FTI’s daily operations and is an integral force within engineering.

With more than 20 years of experience in the telecom industry. Jose has been able to expand into…

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Ingrid Landman

Chief Financial Officer

Ingrid Landman is an experienced Human Resources professional and Office Manager. She became Chief Financial Officer for FTI Belman in 2015. As CFO, Ingrid now oversees the company financials and is responsible for financial planning and record-keeping, in addition to managing human resources.

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