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New Day Dawns for FTI Belman as Sun Sets for Field Telecomms Inc.



Angela, Jose, and IngridDALLAS, DECEMBER 22, 2015Ingrid Landman, spokesperson for Field Telecomms Inc., announced this week at the Hyatt Regency North Dallas that the company will officially be changing its name to FTI Belman effective immediately.

The company’s new name preserves the well-known “FTI” abbreviation while also reflecting the change of ownership that took place with the sale of the business. “Belman” is a moniker that blends parts of two of the new co-owners’ last names.

Co-owners Angela Bell, President; Jose Cantabrana, Chief Operations Officer; and Ingrid Landman, Chief Financial Officer, comprise the executive team that intends to preserve the foundation and legacy Field Telecomms Inc. presents while exploring opportunities to expand the breadth of their telecom services. Montgomery Capital Advisers LLC, headquartered in Plano, TX, provided business advisory services for the transactional structuring and arranged the financing to ensure the new ownership capital adequacy well into the future.

John ChristieField Telecomms Inc. was founded in 1982 by Scottish entrepreneur John Christie. Christie worked in the telecom industry in Africa and the Middle East for many years before relocating to the US in the early 1980s. The company was originally focused on Microwave installation and engineering and expanded into Switch Installations, DC Power Plant Building and Testing, Site Engineering and Site Surveys. FTI Belman will continue to specialize in full turnkey project management for telecom networks, including all stages of planning, infrastructure and implementation.

Emerging from the change in ownership, FTI Belman’s current strategy is to capitalize on their namesake’s position as a national leader in the provision, management and implementation of telecommunications network deployment services and solutions for pan-regional operators, vendors, and major enterprises.

FTI Belman disclosed that it will keep its current framework of operations to ensure they continue to meet industry demands for emerging technology and business insights. This framework maintains a standard for industry relevance and leadership from FTI Belman Engineers and Technicians considered to employ the most advanced skillset in the industry.

Stepping into the role of President from her current position as Director of Operations, Bell says the interpersonal employee relations and refreshing absence of corporate “red tape” are values unique to the FTI family that she intends to uphold.

“Corporate nature aside, we are a company that actually values its employees. It’s a work family,” Bell said. “We are also a team with ideas, a company not afraid to brainstorm. There is no idea that is too farfetched. With the team staying virtually intact, we will continue to be a company that takes pride in our work, enjoys a strong relationship with our customers and will continue to be successful.”

Landman, along with Cantabrana and Bell, bring a combined total of more than 35 years of experience with more than half of that with Field Telecomms Inc. This trio of FTI Belman owners plan on breaking through new barriers and are enthusiastic about the positive future of the company.

“Moving forward, our objective is to remain as a family and grow and strengthen the relationships we currently have. We want to uphold the integrity of Field Telecomms Inc. and preserve the entire team that is already in place,” Landman said.

RacksCantabrana, who currently heads the engineering department, says the company is investigating ways to break into new markets and diversify its customer base.

“We would like to work on branching out and providing additional engineering services, more than just doing detailed method procedures and drawings. We would like to broaden our portfolio and create more opportunities in other markets,” he said. “Across the board, we are working with different customers to ensure that we have enough workflow in other areas and that we do not put all our eggs in one basket.”

This reemergence with a new corporate identity is the latest realization of FTI Belman’s long-term commitment to further partnerships within their industry and to deliver telecom services faster and more effectively. FTI Belman will operate from its 5,700 sq/ft facility in the heart of North Texas’ Telecom Corridor in Plano. For more information, please visit ftibelman.com.

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