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FTI Belman has gained a strong reputation for excellence by collaborating with our clients to quickly and cost-effectively plan innovative solutions. We have the experience to efficiently design and develop any requirement, whether a small Scope of Work or a complete Technical Installation Project Package (TIPP). We provide Installation support during the implementation of SOW’s and TIPP’s.

The Engineering department at FTI Belman is comprised of an effective group of specialists. Our engineers are professional, resourceful, and efficient with years of experience. We provide our clients with custom tailored solutions, create/develop new facility drawing or as-built existing ones. We achieve this by performing detailed site surveys. As an added service we produce rack elevation drawings and updates. If the customer requires, we will host their current and archived AutoCAD files.

FTI Belman’s telecom engineering services include:

Installation Support Services

  • Installation Support
  • Detailed Scope of Work & Bill of Materials and/or Complete Technical Installation Project Package (TIPP) Development
  • Computer Aided Drafting Capabilities (CAD Services)
  • DC Power and Grounding System Design
  • “Black Ops” Services (customer fabrication, solutions and designs for various facility applications)
  • Site Surveys
  • Site Plans (AutoCAD format)
  • Rack Elevation Drawings
  • Hosting Server (drawings and archive)
  • DC Power Audits
  • Concept Planning
  • DC One-line Drawings

CAD Services

  • Site Plans
  • Rack Face
  • Hosting
  • Red Lines
  • Concept Planning
  • Updates


FTI Belman will audit for adherence to installation standards, and report the results, including any discrepancies, in a highly detailed audit report. Areas to be audited:


  • Cable ladder rack/ cable basket
  • Iron work support structure: stanchions, aux bar, strut, threaded rod, etc.
  • Fiber Duct
  • Fire stop penetration systems
  • Rack/ bay – anchor/ support/ isolation
  • Power cable installation/ management
  • Cat5 cable installation/ management
  • Terminations at Equipment/ Panels/ Bus bars, etc.
  • Create/ confirm /update floor plans or rack face drawings; Equipment/ cable /tray/ fiber duct/ grounding; results in hard copy or CAD

AC Power Systems

  • Confirm & record AC panel schedule, as necessary and applicable, including:
    • Breaker Type/ Size
    • Load Designation
  • Update hard copy panel schedule
  • Update soft copy panel schedule
  • Create panel schedule
  • Thermal imaging scan AC panels & report any issues

DC Power Systems

  • Inventory & Record all:
    • DC Power Plant components
    • BDFB/CBDB/PDU components
    • Inverter components
  • Provide Detail Reports on serial numbers, type/size, load, etc.
  • Amp clamp all DC main loads
  • Thermal imaging scan BDFB/ CBDB secondary circuits
  • Thermal imaging scan AC Panels that feed DC Power Plant & Inverters


  • Ground cable size and path inspection
  • Amp clamp all ground cables at MGB
  • Confirm & record all ground bus configurations for PANI & single point ground systems
  • Create/ confirm /update grounding system; results in hard copy or CAD

HVAC Systems

  • Inventory all units, i.e. Make/ model/ serial numbers
  • Visually inspect belts & general condition of unit
  • Replace air filters as needed
  • Record alarm log

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