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Operations - FTI Belman

FTI Belman helps our telecom clients make lasting improvements to their performance and streamline their operations while reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

The Operations department at FTI Belman includes a diverse group of people who with their combined experience in the telecommunications industry can handle all manners of jobs presented to them. Our installation crews and project managers work together on all aspects of a project to ensure superior quality and professional service from concept to completion.

FTI Belman’s management team can assist you in one or all of the following:

  • Develop and manage SOW’s in coordination with our Engineering department
  • Preparation of bids and contracts
  • Deployment/Procurement/Logistics of personnel and materials to ensure arrivals coincide
  • Verification that all policies and procedures are observed within the field
  • Safety, Quality, Budget and Vendor management
  • Daily communication reporting; ability to run customer conference calls and host Webinars when a call just won’t do


Our skilled installation teams focus on delivering practical results with the highest quality service. Supervisors manage their crews as well as train employees to be installers and supervisors. FTI Belman Installers are located through the continental United States.

FTI Belman’s Installation teams can assist you in one or all of the following:

  • Manage Scope of Work
  • Manage project budgets
  • Quality Control
  • Assist in the Logistics to ensure accuracy
  • Verification that all policies and procedures are observed within the field
  • Proactive Budgeting; addressing potential project budget problems accordingly
  • Daily communication reporting

2512 Summit Ave, Suite 303
Plano,TX 75074


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FTI Belman prides itself in providing quality telecom services through the successful collaboration of its employees, outside the box thinking and eliminating “red tape” where possible.

For more detailed descriptions of the management and installation services provided by FTI Belman, please see below:

Project Management

Complete Project Management For Installation Services

On Call Support

On Call 24/7 Support & Emergency Response

Telecom Equipment - FTI Belman

Furnish Materials for most IT, Cable, and Telephone CO & remote facilities to support Installation efforts above

  • High Quality Refurbished & New Telephony Equipment
  • Manufactured Cable
  • Cat5e-6
  • Fiber
  • Primary & Secondary DC Power cable
  • Ground cable
  • Furnish DC Power Equipment
  • Plants (200amp – twin 12,000amp)
  • Rectifiers
  • BDFB’s/CBDBs/PDUs, etc.
  • Batteries; VRLA or Flooded
  • Furnish Telecom Ancillary Materials
  • Iron Work & Related Hardware
  • Fiber Duct
Installation - FTI Belman


  • Iron Work – Strut, Auxiliary Support, Threaded Rod, Cable Ladder Rack, Cable Basket, etc.
  • Telco Equipment – Switch Gear, Servers, Relay Racks, Shelves, Routers, etc.
  • Fiber Duct Systems
  • Cabling – Cat, Fiber, Primary & Secondary DC Power, Grounding, etc.
  • DC Power Equipment (200amp – twin 12,000amp)- Bus bars, PDU, Rectifiers, BDFB, CBDB, Batteries (VRLA, Monoblock, Flooded), Spill Containment, etc.
  • Ground Systems, Raised Floor, Seismic Support Systems, etc.
Preventative Maintenance - FTI Belman

Provide Preventative Maintenance services for Critical Power Equipment Systems

  • FTI offers a wide range of local, regional, and national programs for all types of systems. FTI can customize a program to meet your specific requirements.
  • Battery System, DC Plant, & Inverter Preventive Maintenance Checks:
  • Total System Voltage @ Terminals
  • Measure Voltage/Load @ Power Board Meter
  • Measure Continuity of Trays/Racks to Ground
  • Measure Voltage to Ground
  • Measure 100% Individual Cell Voltages
  • Measure Ambient Temperature
  • Measure Pilot Cell Temperatures (3 areas in each String)